Safety Online

Did you know that we do not have privacy rights on most social media sites and that our personal data is not only ours? The personal information you provide becomes public without you noticing. There are also criminals who break into websites and steal our information for personal use.  Also, you should know that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. own our information. Once you post something you are no longer in control of who it reaches and who has access to your content.

Here is a link about online privacy and some stories that happened to some people with online privacy issues:

Here is a link about who owns your social media content:

Are you concerned with online privacy? Most of us do not care about what we post online until something happens to us, but it is better if we are careful about what we say. Just because your friends are not careful, does not mean you shouldn’t be. Start being safe and practice safe sharing! So next time you post something, ask yourself if it is okay before pressing the post button. Make sure your posts on public social media sites don’t reveal any personal information or reveal where you are going. Keep in mind that once you post something you cannot take it back.


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It is just another way to relieve your worry about privacy issues but doesn’t mean that you are allowed to forget all the issues that happen with other social media sites.

Hope you learned something new and practice safe sharing!